Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Labor Progresses ...

Well, today was another big day. We have signed all necessary papers to officially accept Emma as our daughter. I don't think I could have signed the acceptance form quick enough. I examined each form over and over again to make sure there were no mistakes and then I headed off to the closest Fed Ex location. It looks like the home office of Bethany should receive the packet by the end of the week. Bethany will then wait until they receive all the packets from each family in our travel group and then they will mail all of them off to China. Once these documents are received by the China Center of Adoption Affairs(CCAA), we will travel 6 to 8 weeks later.

Many want to know what is next, well I will now start focusing on filling out the paperwork for our visas and I would love to have them completed by the weekend. We will then try to start working hard to gather up all the stuff we will need to pack for our two week stay in China. I am so thankful that we had already begun a checklist of things to do and a packing list. Now it is time to tackle the list with full gusto. We've got to "pack our bags for the hospital" if you will, so that we will be ready to jump on that plane when my water breaks.

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