Saturday, April 2, 2011


We kind of have this tradition with our pregnancies that the day of our baby's ultrasound we go to Build-A-Bear and selected an animal to stuff with love and then we have the birth certificate with the date that the animal was made, which would be a reminder of the ultrasound.

Emma of course is no different. This pregnancy has been not only the longest but the hardest of the three. So, we decided long ago that on the day we received her referral that that would be the day to remember and we'd go to Build-A-Bear.

So, enjoy the pictures of the four of us building and stuffing this lamb full of hearts and love. All four of us picked a heart and kissed it and then stuffed it inside the lamb. This was a family event. Enjoy the pictures.

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Sherry boggeman said...

Had to smile when I saw this. I had just thought of going to build a bear to get her a stuffed animal!