Friday, March 27, 2009

Homemakers Moment

My cousin’s wife has an interesting blog called Homemaker’s Chronicles which is simply dedicated to homemakers. It’s a very fun, interesting blog and on Fridays she has dedicated the entry as “Homemaker Moments”. She has also invited women everywhere to include their own “homemaker moment” on their own blog and so after many weeks here is my first attempt. I have to note this was actually written a few weeks ago but we had some major computer issues that put me out of commission. Anyway, here goes...

Often times I find myself pondering the infamous question “Am I doing a good job at being a mom?” After all it is one of the two most important roles that I have waited all my life for, it’s what I spend much of my efforts on but still I wonder “is it enough?” It’s hard not to question whether or not I’m making a positive impact on the life of my child.

My role as mom has many sub-roles, such as cook, nurse, playmate, teacher, and the list goes on. Let me focus on the role of teacher for just one moment. My husband and I have chosen to home school our son for his pre-school years. Our goal is to have him adequately prepared for his kindergarten year. I have taken on this role. I have made the commitment even though I don’t always enjoy having to take the time required to go over the lesson for the next day or getting all the necessary games and activities together. However, I continue to gladly take on this role because it is what’s best for our son. We want our son to know how to read and write and to do numbers but more importantly than his scholastic education is his knowledge of God and the Bible.

My heart is filled with joy as I listen to my little four-year-old quote scripture each day and to hear him retell me the Bible stories that we have studied. We have even spent time teaching basic doctrine such as our one God is made of three persons, known as God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit. Not that there is three gods but one God in three persons. Now, how many four-year-olds can have a discussion on the trinity with you? We have also taught that the Bible is absolute truth, every word and that God’s word never changes. I could go on but the point is, when I wonder “Am I making an impact?” I can remember these moments we have each day in school and answer "yes".

Let me close with a final bedtime moment from a week ago. As a family we have found ourselves in the middle of a very difficult trial. At the onset of this trial we had to honestly examine our belief in God and His word. Is God real? Do we believe God’s word to be truth? Has what we’ve been teaching our son true and if so are we going to now live it? The answer is obviously YES, WE BELIEVE! However, that doesn’t mean that we haven’t struggled along this very rocky road. As a matter of fact, it was one of those days last week. Well, each night when we put Eli to bed we all three have a time of prayer. We have done this for as long as I can remember and we don’t pray at a child’s level, we just pray as we normally would. I don’t remember what I prayed exactly that night but it was something to the fact that I was struggling with our current trial and that I was having a tendency to become fearful, so I prayed that God will help me. After I had finished my prayer it was then Eli’s turn and this was his prayer: Dear God, please help my mom to remember that verse “Fear not, for I am with thee.” Let me tell you, I had tears rolling down my checks because there we were in a monumental moment and in that moment I could most certainly say “Yes, we are doing something right!”


homemakerchronicles said...

How funny is it that you prepared this post a few weeks ago and I did my Homemaker Moment on something almost EXACTLY the same?!
God is good to give us people in our lives that go through similar things so that we can encourage one another, and that's what your family is to encouragement and such a great example! Thanks for sharing!

Lisa said...

Awww....out of the mouths of babes!
HE is with you!

Glad your back :0)!