Saturday, June 4, 2011

Packing Day!

I did it! I conquered the packing today but it was not an easy undertaking, not at all. To say I'm exhausted is a gigantic understatement. I started this morning at 7:30 and I wasn't finished until about 5:00 this evening. I only stopped long enough to eat a few quick bites. Now remember, I had everything gathered in our "packing room", so it's not like I was starting from scratch.

It did take me some time to take things out of packages and then think through what needed to be in our backpacks, what we wanted in each of our carry-on luggage. Then on to the checked luggage. I was trying to be smart about what should go in each piece but it seemed to at least all fit nicely. But... would the weight be within the limit? Now that's a whole different story. That's where my day started to go down hill fast. The first big piece of luggage I weighed was one in which was loaded down with everything for Emma. Guess what? The weight was under the limit by several pounds. Yeah!

I then moved on to the other two suitcases, one is Matt's and the other is mine, but when I went to weigh mine, I was over. No problem, I'd just move a few things around. Wrong, still over. This went on for about an hour and 45 minutes. Until I finally got it. At least I hope the airport scales agree.

Here's all the stuff we bought for Eli to do while on this long, long, long plane ride. Not to mention, the hours of Looney Tunes he can watch, thanks to Kyle. Plus, we have the Carnahan's Ipod loaded with Adventures In Odyssey, music and other stories.

Even Ethan got in on the packing. Here he is testing out the eye mask. Momma wants to make sure I have the best sleeping environment possible, eye mask, pillow, blanket and Tylenol PM.

And finally, for all those who really know us...


Katie said...

Way to go! Now you can just relax away till Wednesday morning. ;)

China Dreams said...

You definitely have some things I wouldn't think of. Congratulations on getting it all done!


Anonymous said...

are the boys coming with you? how exciting! the gift bags and tissue paper look so familiar! It seems so long ago that we did that trip, but it was just 2 months ago. Thinking of you and praying for you all. The Jones family

Becky and Chad Wesselman said...

Yay!!!! You did the impossible....or so you thought! Can't wait for the itinerary. I assume you will post it within the next 24 hours...not going to blog stalk or anything! Looking forward to seeing you all when you get home!