Wednesday, September 3, 2008

We've Broken A Record

My mind was once again thinking about this wait that we have going on. Often times thinking about the wait can get me down and discouraged and then there are those times when I sit back and chuckle. Well, today is one of those laugh kind of days, in a twisted sorta way, as I started comparing our adoption to a "regular" pregnancy. Now that's not so twisted, many often do this because, after all, it really is pretty comparable. I have often caught myself saying to others, "Man, this sure is the world's longest pregnancy" and that's pretty much how I've felt today. I'm feeling very OVER DUE right about now. Now that's when my mind kicked in and decided to do a little bit of research and put things into perspective for you.

The shortest gestation period, which is shared by three marsupials: the American opossum, the rare water opossum, and the eastern native cat of Australia. Now these very lucky mommas only have to wait 12 - 13 days. Next we can shift to the longest gestation period for a mammal and that will go to the African elephant. These poor mommas have to wait on average for 660 to a max of 760 days for their little bundles to arrive. I'm sure many of you women are thinking just how thankful you are that the gestation period for humans is only 280 days, give or take. Now let's take a little look at the gestation period for our little Emma Katriel, get ready to brace yourself... If we were to go by the date that we say is when God conceived in our hearts our little girl then we are on day 1,789 and if we were to go by our log-in-date, which is what China would go by, then we are only on day 846. Did you hear me right? 1,789 days and 846 days!

We have surely broken some sort of record for longest gestation period and in light of the recent Olympics I think that China should hand over one of their gold medals, but I'd settle for a far more precious metal than gold, I'd settle for a jewel, our Emma Katriel! In all seriousness, many times I do feel very large and over due but in all actuality I'm not late, nor will I ever be late because God has orchestrated this pregnancy and His timing is ALWAYS PERFECT, NEVER LATE! Resting in God's sovereignty is what allows me to persevere. And for all of you other mommas out there who have been so richly blessed to be called to this journey of adoption... keep pressing on!

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Amie@HeartSmiles said...

stumbled across your blog.

I love this post. What a great perspective you have.. And love the humor!

Our wait with our first adoption from China was 15 months start to finish and back then,that seemed like a good chunk of time. That is nothing compared to what you and other families are having to endure now.
I pray that it is his timing and his will that your wait will not be much longer!